team titanic is pleased to present

ISSUE #22 | One Life. Live it well.
28.05.2016 | 6 - 9 pm
Holmes Place Schlossstraße
Schildhornstrasse 1 | 12163 Berlin

sometimes you have a slow connection
that’s ok
sometimes you have a slow heart
that’s ok too

train your limbs
they will carry the fast choice
train your heart
it’s pumping more than iron

Lucia Bachner & Alex Chalmers, Meghan Edwards, Gully Havoc, Lotti Hirsch,
Joey Holder, Kim Laughton, Natasja Loutchko, Claudia Maté, Jillian Mayer,
Georgy Maysuradze, Julius Metzger, Stine Omar, Eva Papamargariti, Lewk Wilmshurst


Free entrance. Work out is not mandatory.
Slippers are provided. Please bring headphones.